IT Services

We perform analysis, design and development of software solutions aimed at the systematic and process improvement.

Our services and developments apply across the spectrum of enterprise ecosystem, contributing to business management, information management, and reducing inefficiencies in daily operational processes.

For Web Application Development we apply the following principles

  • We begin the development of all our products to run everything in Cloud.
  • We use RIA & RAD technology the client has more usable applications in less time.
  • After 7 years of experience in IT could learn and experiment with the following activities on the area:

  • Experience in the design, development and implementation of information systems for more than four years. positioning our products in the domestic market.
  • Development and Technical Support Web Applications / Desktop. Database Management and Procedural Languages ​​RDBM Using Web 2.0 Tools and Custom DHTML Widgets Editing Audio and Video Mail,Web and FTP Server Configuration Managing Linux Environments Managing Digital Certificates, Certification Authorities (EJBCA) and Signatures Server (Signserver)
  • Development app for Kiosks Apps for Termical Printers Payments Integrations: Paypal,, Gateway Checks, Apex BillAcceptor Controls, Magstripe Credit Card Parsers. Pad for signatures.
  • Specialties: Browser - JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, DOM, Dojo Server - Java, Apache, Tomcat, XML, SQL, HQL, PHP, JSP Desktop - Java, Delphi TeamWork - Jira, Drupal, WordPress, SVN Development - Eclipse, Netbeans, Ant, Hibernate, Spring, ZKFramework, OOP, WaveMaker Systems - Linux, Windows,TCP/IP Database - , MySQL, PostgreSQL,Firebird, Interbase,MS SQLServer, Reporting - iReport (Jasperreports), FusionCharts (Flash Reports) Cloud - Rackspace Cloud Server - Cloudfoundry - Google Docs